About the Library



The library is open daily from 7:15-3:00 when school is in session.

Mission of the Westbrook High School Library

The mission of Westbrook High School is to foster a collaborative environment where all students are able to access learning. Our goal is to promote lifelong critical thinking, effective communication, creative problem-solving, responsible citizenship, and a love of reading.

Philosophy of the Westbrook High School Library

The Westbrook High School library is a dynamic, student-centered learning commons where students have access to high quality, diverse resources which represent multiple viewpoints. The library staff seeks opportunities to collaborate with teachers and promote 21stCentury Learning Standards in a meaningful, rigorous class environment. The flexible schedule allows for students and classes to have access to the library when needed.

The library staff works to promote intellectual freedom; students and staff will not be denied access to information for any reason, including overdue materials. Materials are purchased in accordance with the school district’s Collection Development Policy which seeks to provide diverse points of view, regardless of the personal opinion of the librarian. We respect all patrons’ privacy and will guard it within the bounds of the laws of Maine.

The virtual space of our library provides the school community with access to high quality information to use for academics and personal growth. Many of the library’s resources are available 24/7 through our online catalog, subscription databases, and recommended sites for class projects. We believe that information is empowering and that knowing how to select and synthesize high quality information will help our students become responsible, creative, and informed citizens of the 21st century. Use of the library’s site, including its blog, follow the guideline set forth by the district’s Acceptable Use Policy.


Behavior expectations in the library:



Follow reasonable requests from staff.

Use appropriate language.

Be positive and listen.

Use good manners.

Take care of materials and equipment.

Let staff know of damage to books or equipment.



Come to the library with a purpose.

Put trash in its place, even if its not yours.

Take charge of your learning.

Use the pass system.

Follow library rules.



Respect individuality.

Respect diversity.

Support and encourage each other.

Library Rules

No set of rules can cover all eventualities. These rules serve as guidelines. Please use commonsense. If you are not sure, ask.

  • Water only in the library.

  • Collaboration is encouraged, but please keep conversation volume reasonable.

  • Treat computers, tables, and other library property with respect. Vandalism will be reported to the assistant principals.

  • Please limit seating to four to a table, and one to a chair.

  • Game playing on a computer is not permitted.

  • Cell phone use is not permitted, unless it is being used as a tool for an educational purpose.

  • Sign out to go to the bathroom, see a teacher, etc.