Sophomore Celebration of Learning

This is the page that will have all the information you need for the planning your research.

Introductory Video

  • Think of a topic
  • Create an essential question

What is an Essential Question?

A good essential question:

Is open-ended and has no right or wrong answer.

Is thought-provoking.

Requires analysis and interpretation. It cannot be answered with facts alone.

Requires that you examine different sources and perspectives

Provides new meaning and insight into your topic.

Raises new questions which will help drive your learning.



Where to Find Reliable Sources


Search Engines Other Than Google

MARVEL! Databases

  • ProQuest (for newspaper articles)
  • MasterFile (for magazine articles)
  • Britannica Online School Edition (encyclopedia articles)
  • Points of View Reference Center (to explore both sides of an issue)


Tools to Help You With Your Project

Noodle Tools Introduction

Plagiarism Quiz–for a quick refresher