Digital Storytelling

A site about people who want to change the future of story telling. They had a group of people get together and analyze short stories and make short videos about them, which another panel of people would watch and discuss in groups of 20 or so about the story.

Pixabay is a site where you can safely search uncopyrighted images, images you can copy and paste without being in trouble of taking someone elses photo.

SpeakerDeck is a website that you can share presentations on. You upload your slides into speaker deck and it turns it into a presentation that you can upload and share with other speaker deck users.
Themeefy is a site that allows you to create your own e-magazine. You can create pages of content using information and facts from the web, or you can make it up yourself and be creative.
Macaulay library is a site  that has plenty of resources about wildlife and all they do. It has extensive information on these subjects.
Thing link is a site of presentations or interactive pictures about small random topics that you can search. Each picture has interesting points on it that can give you info about it, link you to something, or even open up a video. You cn also create your own.
Voki is a site where you can customize and create your own personal avatar. Then you can add a voice to your avatar to make it say whatever you want, it even has a text to speech analyzer in 25 different languages
Glogster is a site where you can make a visual blog. You can upload pictures and videos, or you can just write it out, or you can combine them to make an interesting and creative blog.
Voicethread is a site where you can make a presentation using numerous slides with pictures, videos, creations, etc. It has numerous different tools to edit your slide and make it better. The main use for it though is in adding the voice to your slides, you can read off what you’ve written in the slides or you can just describe whats going on with it.
Museumbox allows you to create a visual online display of “artifacts” that help you describe or argue your topic. You can add in numerous different media forms such as pictures, videos, and text
Jing is a website where you can create videos or images of what you see on your computer screen and then you can share it with whoever you want see it

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